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We believe that success is the commitment from both partners in a business relationship. We offer our elfa B2B Partners extensive support and training. In exchange, we expect an active and focused sales and marketing efforts. In this section we present information about our services. Hopefully you will find it both interesting and rewarding. Please contact us then we can begin to discuss future cooperation!

Design progam
Our design software simplifies the flow from idea to finished orders significantly. You are given the opportunity to plan solutions based on our whole concept and then save the best proposals as favorites. The result is both a specification and a sketch / drawing in a simple and schematic way shows the proposed solution. In addition, it facilitates the assembly itself.

The product knowledge you will get through this training allows your customers will feel secure with their choice of retailer and supplier. The training is structured in phases. After completion of the training material is available to you and serves as a valuable reference books. All so that together we shall achieve more sales and get more and more satisfied customers.

Training Guide is a comprehensive tool that helps you to understand the products and better range. In addition, it is about function, use, installation information and many other useful tips. The whole offers great opportunities to gain better knowledge of the systems flexibility and thus better able to create even better solutions and thus more and more satisfied customers.

It is possible to find detailed information right down to product and component level. Training Guide is not only useful for product training. It also works great as a reference and encyclopedia of elfa storage for years to come.

New concept
The Elfa's efforts to create new products and concepts available today including a focus on B2B. One result of this is elfa ® Office is a range of products and concepts to create order around the workplace. New features are most and also focus on design and flexibility.

Wide assortment
Elfa has also range beyond what is traditionally associated with our renowned range of consumers. For your assistance is also available hyllsortiment for single or double sided freestanding shelf units. It is also possible to create exciting solutions with shelf units from floor to ceiling.

Elfa has recently embarked on a digital reference library where different and inspiring Mijo and installations will be made available. There will be an opportunity to pick the appropriate images for client presentations. For example, hospital environments for visitors to play the kind of customer.

Project support
For larger requests, and project support Lumi Elfa AB employees you with advice and information about the choice of solutions for individual requirements required for each project. Support is one of the cornerstones of our growing business. You or your customer has an idea and together we help to realizing it and the sooner Elfa can get into the process the more effective we become. Take advantage of our drawing and quotation service to your project. Then your solution is both practical, stylish and cost effective.

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