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Robust and functionally grip-friendly – gently designed.


Estetic is exclusive and beautiful. The gentle, yet robust, profile is functionally grip-friendly but also a design you want to touch and feel. The frame is centric – in other words looks the same on both sides, which makes it perfect asa room divider or door into a walk-in closet.


  • White


  • Bronze


  • Silver


  • Sanded Black

    Sanded Black

  • Sanded Grey

    Sanded Grey

  • Innocent Birch

    Innocent Birch

  • Weathered Grey Oak

    Weathered Grey Oak


Melamine (MO)

  • White melamine

    White melamine

  • White flat melamine

    White flat melamine

Melamine exclusive (M1)

  • Satin white

    Satin white

  • Nordic lime stone

    Nordic lime stone

  • Meadow linen

    Meadow linen

  • Stoneware grey

    Stoneware grey

  • Natural clay

    Natural clay

  • Full Moon Blue

    Full Moon Blue

Dekor special (M2)

  • White high gloss

    White high gloss

  • Blueberry Milk

    Blueberry Milk

  • Happy plum

    Happy plum

  • Clear sky blue

    Clear sky blue

  • Fresh Pistacchio

    Fresh Pistacchio

  • Tarragon


  • Autumn chestnut

    Autumn chestnut

Wood melamine (W1)

  • Rime frost oak

    Rime frost oak

  • Sensible oak

    Sensible oak

  • Weathered grey oak

    Weathered grey oak

  • Tasteful teak

    Tasteful teak

  • Innocent birch

    Innocent birch

  • Adorable Ash

    Adorable Ash

  • White avola melamine

    White avola melamine

  • Grey avola melamine

    Grey avola melamine

  • Brown avola melamine

    Brown avola melamine

Wood veneer (W2)

  • Humble ash veneer

    Humble ash veneer

  • Truly oak veneer

    Truly oak veneer

  • Genuine walnut veneer

    Genuine walnut veneer

Glass (G2)

  • White glass

    White glass

  • Pure white glass

    Pure white glass

  • Creme glass

    Creme glass

  • Light brown glass

    Light brown glass

  • Grey glass

    Grey glass

  • Black glass

    Black glass

  • Poppy Field

    Poppy Field

  • Mellow Cherry

    Mellow Cherry

  • Raspberry Sorbet

    Raspberry Sorbet

  • Frosty mint

    Frosty mint

Glass exclusive (G3)

  • Frosting White

    Frosting White

  • Wintry Hazel

    Wintry Hazel

  • Snow Cloud

    Snow Cloud

  • Artic night

    Artic night

  • Iced Ebony

    Iced Ebony

  • Fresh Lemoncurd

    Fresh Lemoncurd

  • Clear tempered glass

    Clear tempered glass

  • Frosted tempered glass

    Frosted tempered glass

  • Grey tempered glass

    Grey tempered glass

  • Bronze tempered glass

    Bronze tempered glass

Mirror (G1)

  • Clear mirror

    Clear mirror

  • Grey mirror

    Grey mirror

  • Bronze mirror

    Bronze mirror

Select (S1)

  • White bead&butt panel

    White bead&butt panel

Select exclusive (S2)




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